We sell the SkyDome Portable Projection System

in several sizes.

They're ALL lightweight, and pretty quick to set up and take down.

All can be set up by one person.

Note: use SkyDomes outdoors at your own risk.   We do not recommend any permanent installation outdoors.

SkyDome 10 :  Our 10 foot diameter SkyDome, is the largest we make and the most spectacular.  It offers an immersive presentation stage to the largest audience. (note: true diameter is a bit under 10 feet)

SkyDome 8 :  This SkyDome might fit in your classroom better, and since it has only 65% of the surface area of the 10, you can use a less expensive projector to achieve the same brightness. It doesn't really save on weight or setup time. (note: true diameter is a bit under 8 feet)

SkyDome 6 : we made this to easily fit in living rooms, perhaps even as an addition to an already-installed projection system. (note: true diameter is a bit under 6 feet)

We recommend a variety of accessories to make your usage quick & easy.

Talk to us about your planned usage, and we'll make some recommendations about completing your kit.

• additional Carrying bags

• Portable stands for positioning the SkyDome

• racheting paracord & carabiner system for positioning & holding

• Projectors

• Computer

• Speakers

• Presentation table (holds projector, laptop, keyboard, laser, power strip, etc)

• USB lit keyboard

• Laser Pointer